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The last few years wakeboard turn out to be a very popular sport all around the world.
The new wider and stylish boards made wakeboard easier to learn.So when you want to try something different than Waterski wakeboard is another choice you have in our ski school.
Before you realize you will be jumping through the wakes and you will be doing 180 s and 360 s in no time.

Our skylon will help you with an upward pull .

Here is a few tips to start with

'Wake board is very easy to learn.
We will follow the same procedure as water-skiing.
The key to making wakeboarding easier and more fun is this:
Let the boat do the work!! This is something you will hear from me very often, but what it means is that you need to use the energy that the boat provides instead of forcing and overworking.
This is especially true on starts.
With our Correct craft boat and the new 260 hp mercruiser engine ther is plenty of power to get you and your butt out of the water
You need to create as little drag as possible by letting your upper body get pulled up and over the top of the board.

This is accomplished by having your arms out straight and your knees bent up to your chest..
Wait until the boat pulls you over the board before you try to stand upOnly minor corrections should be made to keep you centered on the board.
Once up, bend your knees slightly and keep the rest of your body upright.


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