FAQ: How Do I Get To Delos, Greece From Athens, Greece?

How do you get to Delos Greece?

The small island of Delos has one of the most important archaeology sites in Greece. The only way to visit the site is to get a day return ferry from a nearby island (Mykonos, Paros or Naxos). There is no accommodation on the island.

How far is Delos from Athens?

How far is it from Athens to Nisí Dílos? The distance between Athens and Nisí Dílos is 151 km.

Where is the island of Delos?

The island of Delos (/ˈdiːlɒs/; Greek: Δήλος [ˈðilos]; Attic: Δῆλος, Doric: Δᾶλος), near Mykonos, near the centre of the Cyclades archipelago, is one of the most important mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in Greece.

How do you get to Delos from Naxos?

You can get boat ride from Naxos to Delos and Mykonos but you have to get information from local agency. over a year ago. It takes about 2 hours go by excursion boat from Naxos to Delos, you will have 2.5 hours at Delos and then continue to Mykonos for sightseeing and lunch.

What is Delos famous for?

Even though it is one of the smallest islands in the Aegean, Delos (just 6.85 km2) was the most famous and sacred of all islands in antiquity, since, according to the legend, it was there that Apollo-Helios, god of daylight, and Artemis-Selene, goddess of night light, were born – it was, in short, the birthplace of

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What does Delos mean in Greek?

Delos in Mythology In some versions of the myth, Zeus (Leto’s lover) called on his brother Poseidon to create the island with a thrust of his trident, hence the name Delos, which signifies ‘appearance’ or ‘apparent’ in ancient Greek.

Who destroyed Delos?

Delos flourished for 700 years until it was destroyed by the Syrian king of Pontus, Mithridates VI, in 88 BC, and later sacked by pirates.

Can you live on Delos?

When the day’s visitors have left Delos, the “residents” remain; men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting, preserving and showcasing one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Greece. A daily battle is waged to ensure that the “open-air museum” of Delos remains standing and safe.

Is Delos a floating island?

Delos is a floating island in Greece. As the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, the Greek island of Delos (Greek: Δηλος; Dhílos, “Brilliant”) was a major sacred site for the ancient Greeks, second in importance only to Delphi. The island’s other name is Ortygia.

Is Delos worth visiting?

The UNESCO World Heritage Site on the small island of Delos is one of the best-preserved and most important archaeological sites in Greece. If you have time, it’s well worth climbing Mt Mynthos for great views of the surrounding islands and to visit the Sanctuaries of Zeus and Athena.

What is Delos called today?

Delos, Modern Greek Dílos, island, one of the smallest of the Cyclades (Modern Greek: Kykládes), Greece, an ancient centre of religious, political, and commercial life in the Aegean Sea. Now largely uninhabited, it is a rugged granite mass about 1.3 square miles (3.4 square km) in area.

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What does Delos mean in English?

Delos in British English (ˈdiːlɒs ) a Greek island in the SW Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades: a commercial centre in ancient times; the legendary birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Area: about 5 sq km (2 sq miles) Modern Greek name: Dhílos.

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