FAQ: How Does Greece Lower Maternal Mortality?

How can we reduce maternal mortality?

Key interventions to improve maternal health outcomes include 1) integrating multidisciplinary care for women with high-risk comorbidities during preconception care, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond; 2) addressing structural racism and the social determinants of health; 3) implementing hospital-wide safety bundles

How can we reduce mortality?

Solutions that save lives, reduce child mortality

  1. Immediate and exclusive breastfeeding.
  2. Skilled attendants for antenatal, birth, and postnatal care.
  3. Access to nutrition and micronutrients.
  4. Family knowledge of danger signs in a child’s health.
  5. Improved access to water, sanitation, and hygiene.
  6. Immunizations.

How Increased contraceptive use has reduced maternal mortality?

Contraceptive use also lowers the risk of maternal mortality per birth, as measured by the MMR, by preventing high-risk births, that is, births to women who are “too young” or “too old,” birth intervals that are “too close,” and high-parity births (i.e., “too many”) [8, 23].

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Which is the most important cause of maternal mortality in less developed nations?

In developing countries, at least, the most common indirect conditions leading to death or long-term complications are related to infectious or transmissible diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, hepatitis and tuberculosis. HIV/AIDS is now the leading cause of maternal death in most African countries.

What are the major causes of maternal mortality?

The leading contributory factors or non-medical causes of Maternal and Perinatal Deaths as shown in Table 3, and these include inadequate manpower (21.6%), delay in seeking help(11.8%), lack of essential equipment/medications/blood(7.8%), lack of ambulance/transportation(15.7%), delay in referrals most especially of

What is meant by maternal mortality?

Definition: The annual number of female deaths from any cause related to or aggravated by pregnancy or its management (excluding accidental or incidental causes) during pregnancy and childbirth or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and site of the pregnancy.

Why is it important to reduce child mortality?

Millennium Development Goal 4: Reduce child mortality Programmes to improve household food security and nutrition information increase children’s chances of growing to adulthood. FAO programmes assist poor households and communities to secure access to nutritionally adequate diets and reduce child undernutrition.

Why is child mortality a problem?

Why is child mortality important? Under-5 mortality rate is a leading indicator of the level of child health and overall development in countries. Between 1990 and 2008, the number of children in developing countries who died before they reached the age of five dropped from 100 to 72 deaths per 1,000 live births.

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What can be done to reduce infant mortality in developing countries?

Consider the following ways to help reduce the risk:

  • Preventing Birth Defects.
  • Addressing Preterm Birth, Low Birth Weight, and Their Outcomes.
  • Getting Pre-Pregnancy and Prenatal Care.
  • Creating a Safe Infant Sleep Environment.
  • Using Newborn Screening to Detect Hidden Conditions.

How are averted deaths calculated?

Mortality averted estimation By dividing the observed number of deaths by 1 minus the prevented fraction, we obtained estimates for the hypothetical total number of deaths that would have been observed had there been no activity in the population in each nation (ie, a zero counterfactual).

How does family planning prevent maternal mortality?

Family planning refers to a woman’s ability to choose if and when she becomes pregnant and continues that pregnancy to term. One proposed mechanism for this effect is that contraceptive use reduces the number of high-risk and high-parity births, thereby reducing maternal mortality.

What do you know about family planning?

Family planning services are “the ability of individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the spacing and timing of their births.

What country has the highest rate of maternal mortality?

Maternal mortality rate

Rank Country deaths /100,000 live births
1 South Sudan 1,150
2 Chad 1,140
3 Sierra Leone 1,120
4 Nigeria 917


What four countries in South Asia account for the greatest number of maternal deaths in the region?

South Asia, where 24% of global maternal deaths occurred, is home to 1.6 billion people across eight countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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Why is maternal mortality so high in Africa?

The Importance of Access. Lack of access to health facilities and medical professionals is among the main reasons for maternal deaths. Currently, in Africa, there are 985 people for every nurse/midwife and 3,324 people for every medical doctor.

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