FAQ: How Far From Bodrum Is Santorini Greece?

How do you get from Bodrum to Santorini?

There is no direct connection from Bodrum to Santorini Island. However, you can take the ferry to Kos, take the walk to Kos, take the car ferry to Santorini, then take the taxi to Oía.

How do you get from Turkey to Santorini?

The best way to get from Turkey to Santorini Island without a car is to bus and ferry and car ferry which takes 22h 13m and costs 1.100 ₺ – 2.100 ₺.

How long does it take to get to Santorini from Turkey?

The total flight duration from Istanbul, Turkey to Santorini is 1 hour, 14 minutes.

Is Santorini close to Turkey?

The distance between Santorini Island and Turkey is 887 km.

How far is Bodrum from Mykonos?

Distance between Mykonos and Bodrum is 189 KM / 117.9 miles.

How far is Bodrum from Greece?

The distance between Bodrum and Greece is 524 km. The road distance is 1784.5 km.

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Is Santorini expensive?

There’s a reason Santorini attracts more than two million tourists each year — the white-and-blue washed island in the Greek Cyclades is basically heaven on earth. But it’s also about twice as expensive as Athens, with hotel prices in the summer climbing to $250, on average, per night.

Is Turkey cheaper than Greece?

Generally speaking, Turkey is the cheaper country to visit. The cost of living is 33 percent cheaper than living in Greece.

How many days do you need in Santorini?

We recommend 3 to 5 days in Santorini in order to visit as many places as possible. Santorini is a very interesting island and except from Oia, the volcano and the amazing views, there are many things to see and do. But you can also do it in 24 hours and many day trips are proposed from other nearby islands.

Is there a direct flight from Istanbul to Santorini?

How long is the flight from Istanbul to Santorini Island? There is no direct flight from Istanbul Airport to Santorini Airport. The quickest flight takes 3h 30m and has one stopover. 7

How do I get from Istanbul to Santorini?

The cheapest way to get from Santorini Island to Istanbul is to car ferry and bus which costs 130€ – 290€ and takes 23h 37m. What is the fastest way to get from Santorini Island to Istanbul? The quickest way to get from Santorini Island to Istanbul is to fly which costs 130€ – 350€ and takes 3h 55m.

How long is the flight from Turkey to Greece?

The total flight duration from Turkey to Greece is 1 hour, 54 minutes.

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Do Turkish Airlines fly to Santorini?

There are no airlines that fly directly from Istanbul to Santorini (Thira).

Which is the closest Greek island to Turkey?

Samos is a Greek island closer to Turkey (70km from Izmir) than to the mainland of Greece.

Can you drive from Greece to Turkey?

Can I drive from Greece to Turkey? Yes, the driving distance between Greece to Turkey is 1086 km. It takes approximately 11h 35m to drive from Greece to Turkey.

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