FAQ: What Is Greece Law Enforcement Like?

Do cops in Greece carry guns?

Greek law does not comply with international law and standards, which limit use of firearms to an imminent threat of death or serious injury or proximate and grave threat to life. 3169/2003 on the Carrying and use of firearms by police officers, training of police officers in the use of firearms and other provisions.

What are police called in Greece?

The Greek national police – called the Hellenic Police – is part of the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

Does Greece have police?

The Hellenic Police operates under the jurisdiction of the under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Citizen Protection. Greece is divided into two sectors of policing – Northern Greece and Southern Greece – with both consisting of several regions.

What is the entry age of the Hellenic police?

Special Police Guards and Border Guards are recruited into the Hellenic Police using objective criteria as stipulated by law. Note: Both males and females can be recruited as Special Police Guards and Border Guards. The age limit for recruitment to the Special Police Guards and Border Guards is 28.

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Can you film police in Greece?

It is perfectly legal to photograph people in public without their consent: An adult person in public space. People at work in public space (e.g. policemen)

Are guns legal in Greece?

Greece is quite strict regarding gun laws. You can get a license for some weapons, but in most cases, if a gun or parts of it are found on you, you will be arrested. That is true for knifes and other weapons too.

What language is Polis for police?

From English police, from Middle French police, from Latin politia (“state, government”), from Ancient Greek πολιτεία (politeía).

Were there police in ancient times?

Police in ancient societies were usually volunteer magistrates or private security hired by wealthy landowners. Beyond that, citizens enforced laws and settled disputes with violence.

What are the three security forces in Greece?

Hellenic Armed Forces
Service branches Hellenic National Defence General Staff Hellenic Army Hellenic Navy Hellenic Air Force
Headquarters Athens, Greece
President Katerina Sakellaropoulou


Is pepper spray legal in Greece?

Greece: Such items are Illegal. They will be confiscated and possession may result in detention and arrest. Sprays that are not labelled “animal-defence spray ” or do not bear the test mark of the Materialprüfungsanstalt (MPA, material testing institute) are classified as prohibited weapons.

Is Greece part of Interpol?

Founding members included police officials from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Poland, China, Egypt, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia.

What is emergency number in Greece?

112 is one of the emergency numbers in Greece. The average time to answer a 112 call is 9 seconds.

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