FAQ: What Is The Best Prices To Call Greece From Galaxy S8?

How much is a galaxy S8 worth now?

The Galaxy S8 is worth $45 to $240 based on the condition and device carrier. * Price subject to change.

What phone is better than Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S10 is a far superior phone compared to the S8 It’s still got a great display, reliable cameras, and a good processor, but compared to the S10, it’s outdone in just about every single category.

How much is Galaxy S8 in Naira?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in Nigeria ranges from 78,000 Naira to 110,000 Naira depending on your location in Nigeria.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 still a good phone in 2019?

Best answer: The Galaxy S8 is a fine phone that still feels modern despite its age, but it’s too expensive to be a worthy purchase in 2019. If you’re going to spend $350 on a Galaxy S8, you’re far better off spending a little extra and getting the next-generation Galaxy S9 instead since it’s also been discounted.

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How much is a cracked S8 worth?

However, you can sell a broken Galaxy S8 for $23 – certainly more than you’d get even if you repaired it yourself. Find out how much a broken Galaxy S8 is worth.

Galaxy S8 $23
Galaxy S8 Plus $23

Where can I trade in my galaxy S8?

  • AT&T Store.
  • Sprint Store.
  • T-Mobile Store.
  • US Cellular Store.

Is it worth buying Samsung S8 in 2020?

Overall. A beautiful display, good battery life, first-rate build quality and snappy performance make the Samsung Galaxy S8 worth it in 2020. Newer flagships might be fancier, but they are so much more expensive their extra features become pointless. In any case, the S8 would be cheaper anyway, so we’d choose the S8.

How long will a galaxy S8 last?

The Galaxy S8 is a perfectly engineered smartphone. Coupled with an Exynos 8895 this phone is an absolute beast. You can expect it to last in top notch condition for at least 5 years and even after that work just as well.

How good is Samsung S8 camera?

The 12MP camera on the rear and the (upgraded) 8MP sensor on the front are both brilliant in low light as well – often taking snaps that are better than we’ve seen in real life.

Is Samsung S8 plus waterproof?

Because the Galaxy S8 and S8+ feature the same IP68-rated water and dust resistance you’ve come to expect from Galaxy phones. * Water resistant up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.

How much is a used Galaxy S8?

Here’s how much your old Samsung Galaxy phone is worth now

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Model Original price Flipsy resale value
Galaxy S8 (2017) $750 $242
Galaxy S8+ (2017) $850 $225
Galaxy S9 (2018) $720 $316
Galaxy S9+ (2018) $840 $360

How much is Galaxy S7 in Nigeria?

Samsung Galaxy S7 is now available in Nigeria. You can buy it at leading online stores in the country. Samsung Galaxy S7 Price in Nigeria ranges from 240,000 Naira to 350,000 Naira depending on your location in the country.

Which is better Galaxy S8 or S9?

The processor on the Samsung s9 is also just marginally better than that of the s8. Both of Octa-core processors and have mostly the same performance. The s9 is slightly better with a processing speed of 2.8 GHz while the S8 has 2.3 GHz.

Is Samsung S8 good in 2021?

It was labelled the ‘Infinity Display’ by Samsung and in comparison to the S21, the S8 display is well and truely still suitable for use in 2021.

What is the best Samsung Galaxy phone to buy?

Best Samsung phones 2021

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. A top tier smartphone, and it takes our best crown.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S21. Not the best of the S series, but nevertheless great.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The Ultra done right.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is just right.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S20.


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