FAQ: What Is The Definition Of The Word Aristocrat Greece?

What does aristocratic mean?

1: belonging to, having the qualities of, or favoring aristocracy an aristocratic family aristocratic titles. 2a: socially exclusive an aristocratic neighborhood. b: snobbish. 3: notably superior or excellent In season she does an aristocratic lobster and asparagus salad with curry oil.

What is a aristocracy easy definition?

Aristocracy, government by a relatively small privileged class or by a minority consisting of those presumed to be best qualified to rule.

Who were considered as aristocrats?

The aristocracy is a social class that a particular society considers its highest order. In many states, the aristocracy included the upper class of people ( aristocrats ) with hereditary rank and titles. In some, such as ancient Greece, Rome, or India, aristocratic status came from belonging to a military caste.

What is an example of an aristocrat?

The definition of an aristocrat is a person considered to be elite, and in the highest class. An example of an aristocrat is the Frenchman Marquis de Sade. One of the aristocracy, nobility, or people of rank in a community; one of a ruling class; a noble (originally in Revolutionary France).

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What does aristocracy literally mean?

Aristocracy (Greek: ἀριστοκρατία aristokratía, from ἄριστος aristos ‘excellent’, and κράτος, kratos ‘rule’) is a form of government that places strength in the hands of a small, privileged ruling class, the aristocrats. The term derives from the Greek aristokratia, meaning ‘rule of the best’.

What is an aristocratic family?

A noble house is an aristocratic family or kinship group, either currently or historically of national or international significance, and usually associated with one or more hereditary titles, the most senior of which will be held by the “Head of the House” or patriarch.

What is another word for aristocratic?

other words for aristocratic

  • courtly.
  • dignified.
  • elegant.
  • haughty.
  • noble.
  • patrician.
  • stylish.
  • well-bred.

What is the best definition of gerontocracy?

In a simplified definition, a gerontocracy is a society where leadership is reserved for elders. One example of the ancient Greek gerontocracy can be seen in city state of Sparta, which was ruled by a Gerousia, a council made up of members who were at least 60 years old and who served for life.

What is the difference between aristocracy and nobility?

The body of persons forming the noble class in a country or state. Aristocracy: government by the best individuals or by a small privileged class.

Are aristocrats wealthy?

Throughout the ages, the world’s aristocrats and nobles have been renowned for their lives of luxury, privilege, and enormous wealth.

Does the aristocracy still exist?

‘ Aristocracy ‘ still does exist, when taking into account today’s existing ruling royal families and their lineage both within Europe and outside. There are a number of Nations, where royal families continue to rule their Country.

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Are aristocrats royalty?

Royalty are the rulers of the country and their heirs, the monarchy. Nobles, or aristocracy, are a lower class who are titled but are not part of the monarchy, who do not automatically have claims to the throne. Noble titles are granted by the monarch to those people felt to be worthy.

What is aristocracy and give example?

Aristocracy is defined as a ruling class made up of people with royal blood, or is a government of collected people who are thought to be exceptional in some way, and therefore the most qualified to rule. An example of an aristocracy is Britain’s Royal family.

What is aristocracy According to Plato?

Aristocracy. Aristocracy is the form of government (politeia) advocated in Plato’s Republic. This regime is ruled by a philosopher king, and thus is grounded on wisdom and reason. In contrast to historical aristocracies, Plato’s resembles a meritocracy or proto-technocracy of sorts.

What does technocracy mean?

: government by technicians specifically: management of society by technical experts.

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