FAQ: Where Is Evia Island Greece?

How do I get from Athens to Evia Island?

There are 3 ways to get from Athens to Evia Dream, Agiokampos by bus, taxi, car ferry or car

  1. Take the bus from Athens to Agios Konstantinos.
  2. Take a taxi from Agios Konstantinos to Glífa.
  3. Take the car ferry from Glífa to Agiokampos Evias.

Where in Greece is Evia?

Evia is located along the east coast of mainland Greece, not far from Athens. Even for more timid drivers, it’s a relatively easy route along the wide highway leading from Athens to Thessaloniki.

How do you get to Evia island Greece?

Halkida is the easiest place to reach on Evia because you can drive to it. You can also get there from Athens by bus and by train. There is a modern suspension bridge just south of the city that passes over an enormous cement factory that looks out of place next to the beautiful turquoise sea.

What is the population of Evia Greece?

It is separated from Boeotia in mainland Greece by the narrow Euripus Strait (only 40 m (130 ft) at its narrowest point). Euboea.

Native name: Εύβοια
Capital city Chalcis
Population 191,206 (2011)
Pop. density 54/km2 (140/sq mi)


What does Evia mean in Greek?

The name Evia is primarily a female name of Greek origin that means Greek Island. From the Island Euboea in the Aegean Sea.

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Does Evia have an airport?

Although Evia island does not have it’s own airport, it is just a 55 minutes drive from Athens International Airport to the capital city of Chalkis.

Where is Sparta located?

Sparta, Modern Greek Spartí, historically Lacedaemon, ancient capital of the Laconia district of the southeastern Peloponnese, southwestern Greece.

Where is Negroponte?

Euboea, Modern Greek Évvoia, also called Negroponte, island, the largest in Greece, after Crete (Modern Greek: Kríti). It is located in the Central Greece (Stereá Elláda) periféreia (region), in the Aegean Sea.

Where is Euboea in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Euboea is the second largest island of Greece. It is located closely to the northeast of Boeotia and north of Attika. Together with the island of Skyros to the east, Euboea is part of the Abantis Islands.

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