FAQ: Where Is “workable” Located In Greece?

Where is workable located?

Workable headquarters and office locations Workable is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and has 3 office locations across 3 countries.

What are workable costs?

Workable Pricing Overview Workable pricing starts at $99.00 per month. They do not have a free version. Workable offers a free trial.

What is workable used for?

Workable is the world’s leading hiring platform. Companies of all sizes and across all industries use our software to manage their in-house recruitment and hire the best talent. Through the platform, employers are able to review your applications, communicate with you, schedule interviews and make the final offer.

Is workable cloud based?

Workable raises $1.5M from Greylock IL to build cloud – based Recruitment Software for SMEs.

How much does breezy cost?

Breezy HR Pricing

Name Price
Bootstrap $0per month
Startup $143per month
Business $399per month
Pro Customtailored for you

How much does jobvite cost?

Jobvite pricing is from $500 per month for < 100 employees with a $1500 ‘activation charge’ (which includes ‘training’) Taleo Recruiting pricing is $99 per user per month.

How much does JazzHR cost?

JazzHR Pricing Overview JazzHR pricing starts at $39.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. JazzHR offers a free trial.

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What is workable system?

adjective. A workable idea or system is realistic and practical, and likely to be effective.

Is workable an applicant tracking system?

Workable: Applicant Tracking System ( ATS ) to find and hire the right candidates.

What job boards does workable post to?

With one click, Workable posts your job ad to multiple free job boards including Indeed, LinkedIn, Google, Glassdoor, Facebook and more. “We hire a good number of part-time employees. Targeting them across a range of different sources and managing all of their applications wouldn’t have been possible without Workable.”

Is workable a good website?

We’ve been using Workable for over a year now – works really well for medium-sized companies (approx. 250 employees). It’s very user friendly and has a robust software that hardly ever goes down. However Customer Service is the gem: they’re very responsive and I also like that I deal with the same person all the time.

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