FAQ: Why Do Some Ball Joints Need To Add Greece?

What happens if you don’t grease new ball joints?

Let it go on long enough with a lower ball joint and you will experience catastrophic failure. Then manufacturers came out with sealed “lifetime” ball joints with no fittings. The boots tear over time, the grease drys up and then the joint just destroys itself.

Do you need to add grease to new ball joints?

Ball joints allow you to steer smoothly and are constantly moving so throwing a little lubrication their way is a small favor for the big job that they do every day. The rule of thumb is to grease these parts every, or every other, oil change which might seem excessive, but again; little thanks, big job.

Should you replace upper and lower ball joints at the same time?

Many technicians recommend replacing both joints at the same time (both lowers, both uppers or all four). Another item that should be checked when ball joints are replaced is the stud hole in the steering knuckle — especially if the ball joint stud has broken or is loose.

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Why do ball joints need to be replaced?

For example, a ball joint is usually replaced if it has excessive play or if it’s loose. It’s also replaced if the dust boot is broken or torn. A ball joint that lacks grease may produce a creaking or squeaking noise when driving slowly over large bumps or when turning the steering wheel.

Can you lubricate ball joints?

If the ball joint is capable of being greased, use only the grease that is recommended for the job. Some ball joints come lubricated for life and are therefore incapable of being greased – the paradox though is that they don’t usually live very long.

How long can you drive on a bad ball joint?

Generally speaking, you should expect to have to have your ball joints replaced between 70,000 to 150,000 miles of driving. Excessive play in the joint can cause additional wear, and if a ball joint fails, your car’s suspension could collapse and you could lose control of the vehicle.

Can you put too much grease in a ball joint?

No such thing as too much grease. You should always pump so much in that the old grease comes out. The old grease contains fine metal particals that when added to grease form a good lapping compound that destroys ball joints and tie rod ends etc.

How often should Ball joints be greased?

The JBA K6292 ball joint should be greased every 3000 to 5000 miles. If you go in mud pits or across streams with the vehicle, grease the ball joint after you are done playing in the mud and water.

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Can I use white lithium grease on ball joints?

Being a lithium complex grease, the product can be applied to old grease on ball bearings, and it will still work great. Effectiveness is the ultimate factor that makes the grease such a good choice.

Do I need an alignment after replacing upper ball joints?

No, you certainly don’t need alignment after ball joints, unless your previous alignment was done when ball joints were bad and loose. If your car is driving sloppy after ball joints replacement, check other suspension parts.

How many hours does it take to replace upper and lower ball joints?

It can take a little over an hour to get it replaced, so the full ball joint replacement cost will be between $100 and $400. You never know how much the mechanic is going to charge you until you get the replacement done, but it can help to have an estimate beforehand.

Should you replace all 4 ball joints?

A loose or worn ball joint can be dangerous and should be replaced as soon as possible. Ball joints are a commonly replaced suspension component because they wear out.

Is it dangerous to drive with bad ball joints?

Can you drive with bad ball joints? In the worst case scenario when a ball joint completely breaks, the wheel is free to move in any direction, causing a complete loss in steering control as well as damage to whatever the freed wheel hits, which is often the fender and/or other steering and suspension parts.

Are ball joints expensive to fix?

In general, ball joints are inexpensive with a range between $20 to $80 each. Labor will vary greatly by model. Some vehicles cost as low as $60 to $80. Yet others, especially four-wheel drive trucks, can range from $160 to $200 per ball joint.

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Can I replace ball joints myself?

Yes you can do it yourself, but you’ll still need a front wheels alignment afterward. Unless you want to get your tires to wear really quickly. Control arm bushings or control arms? If you are replacing control arms, they usually come with new bushings and a new ball joint installed.

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