Fly Into Heraklion, Greece Have Two Days What Should I See?

How many days do you need to see Crete?

Crete is a large island with so much to offer. You are surrounded by stunning beaches, archaeological sites, small islands, gorges & historical towns. To see all the “top sights”, it will take a minimum of 10 days – 2 weeks, however, you could easily spend 4 weeks and still have more to see.

Is Heraklion worth visiting?

Both Chania and Heraklion have gorgeous cathedrals, picturesque old towns, numerous restaurants, and lots of places to shop. They also have lots of people, traffic, construction, and other drawbacks that come with large cities. Each is worth at least a half-day visit, but we found the heart of Crete in the small towns.

What should I not miss in Crete?

Top 5 Things Not to Miss in Crete

  • Phalasarna, West Crete. Start your Crete adventures on the west coast at the stunning beach town of Phalasarna, a scenic drive from Chania.
  • Phaistos Palace, South Central Crete. Forget Knossos, Phaistos is the Minoan palace you should visit in Central Crete.
  • Spinalonga, East Crete.
  • Kato Zakros, very East Crete.
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Which airport is better Chania or Heraklion?

Heraklion Airport is regarded as the larger airport and currently receives more flights. Chania Airport, however, was recently modernized and significantly expanded in recent years, so that more direct flights to Chania can be expected in future.

Is Crete expensive to visit?

But compared with other holiday destinations such as Turkey or Egypt or areas of Greece and its islands such as Mykonos and Santorini we haven’t found that Crete is expensive. Locally grown and produced food is cheap in Crete. This positively impacts on prices in tavernas, restaurants and hotels.

What is the best time of year to visit Crete?

The best time to visit Crete is from mid-May to June or from September to October. May brings with it warmer waters and beautiful wildflowers that can be spotted throughout the island’s natural attractions.

Is Heraklion safe at night?

There are some reports in recent years about sexual assault and rape in Heraklion, but violent crimes are generally rare here. Racially motivated attacks sometimes happen, so avoid being in dangerous areas during the night.

Which Greek island is cheapest?

The Most Affordable Greek Islands to Visit This Year

  • Agistri. Very close to Athens, Agistri is a very affordable option for an island holiday.
  • Kythnos. Kythnos, a stunning little island in the Cyclades, seduces visitors with more than 70 beaches – the beautiful Kolona Beach is a must-see.
  • Lefkada.
  • Ikaria.
  • Astypalaia.
  • Hydra.
  • Sifnos.
  • Tinos.

Is it better to stay in Chania or Heraklion?

Both are big towns but quite different – Heraklion is the capital, very busy, lots of shops, plenty to do and see including Knossos and the archaeological museum, but not the first place most first-time visitors think of staying; Chania is smaller, a lovely focal point is the harbour area – generally accepted to be one

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Which is the best part of Crete to stay?

The best place to stay in Crete is Chania area or western Crete that actually has the best beaches of the island and some of the best hotels along with the beautiful Chania town with its elegant restaurants, the picturesque Old Town of Chania and the incredible Samaria Gorge (which you should hike).

Which side of Crete has the best beaches?

List with the best 20 beaches in Crete

  • Balos beach. Chania. Balos is a fantastic location on the northwestern side of Crete, in the region of Chania.
  • Elafonissi beach. Chania.
  • Vai beach. Lassithi.
  • Falassarna beach. Chania.
  • Preveli beach. Rethymno.
  • Matala beach. Heraklion.
  • Rodakino beach. Rethymno.
  • Plakias beach. Rethymno.

What is Crete known for?

The island of Crete is the largest in Greece, and it has a truly magical atmosphere all its own. It is big enough for you to easily spend a full holiday there exploring its hidden corners, tasting the best of Greek cuisine, and basking in that magical Mediterranean light.

How far is Chania from Heraklion?

Chania and Heraklion are two cities located on the northern coast of Crete, with 64 miles (103 km) between them. Due to winding mountainous roads, the overland trip can take between two and three hours to complete.

Is Crete safe for tourists?

Crete is generally a safe, friendly and hospitable place. Thefts, especially, are more likely to be committed by other tourists than locals. Still, as with anywhere, it pays to follow a few simple precautions: Keep track of your possessions in bus stations, markets and other crowded areas.

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Can I live in Crete?

Unlike smaller Greek islands, Crete doesn’t depend solely on tourism, and many people now choose to live in Crete all year round, as many restaurants, shops and bars stay open throughout the winter.

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