Often asked: How Did Mountains Affect The Cultural Diffusion Of Ancient Greece?

How did mountains affect the ancient Greece?

The mountains, which served as natural barriers and boundaries, dictated the political character of Greece. The mountains prevented large-scale farming and impelled the Greeks to look beyond their borders to new lands where fertile soil was more abundant.

What effect did the mountainous terrain of Greece have on the civilization that developed there?

What effect did the geography of ancient Greece have on its early development? The mountainous terrain led to the creation of independent city-states. A lack of natural seaports limited communication. An inland location hindered trade and colonization.

Does the geography help of hinder cultural diffusion?

Theme: Geography Geographic factors have affected the development of nations and regions. These factors have also promoted or hindered cultural diffusion. You may use any geographic factor from your study of global history.

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What was the effect of mountains covering most of Greece?

Chapter 7 – Ancient Greece

Mount Olympus Greece’s highest and most famous mountain
What effect did the mountains of Greece have on the Greek people? Made inland travel hard, seperated villages, made it difficult to farm, and influenced religion
harbors sheltered places with deep water close to shore


How did the mountains protect Greece?

The mountains also formed natural barriers between the major city-states. The tallest mountain in Greece is Mount Olympus. The Ancient Greeks believed that their gods (the Twelve Olympians) lived at the top of Mount Olympus. The Aegean Sea is home to over 1000 islands.

What were the natural resources of ancient Greece?

The natural resources in ancient Greece include coal, marble, bauxite, clay, chromate and ore. Silver and gold were also available in some areas of the Greece. The island of Siphnos and the mountains of Thrace were the common areas for mining silver and gold. Mining of silver also was done in Laurion in Attica.

How did the sea help the Greek economy?

How did the sea help the Greek economy? The sea allowed them to trade with other areas. It also made it easier to travel from place to place. They became skilled a building boats.

What was a result of the terrain of ancient Greece quizlet?

What was a result of the terrain of ancient Greece? Small communities developed their own cultures. Greece was protected from sea invasions.

What were the two earliest cultural groups to develop in Greece?

The Minoans and the Mycenaeans were two of the early civilizations that developed in Greece.

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What prevents cultural diffusion?

Other physical features that inhibit cultural diffusion might include deserts, mountains, rain forests, and swamps. Over time, technological improvements in transportation and communication have lessened the impact of physical features as barriers to cultural diffusion.

What causes cultural diffusion?

The major causes of cultural diffusion have traditionally been migration, trade, and conflict. Not only is the satellite dish a cultural trait developed through diffusion, it is also a reminder that technological improvements can spread cultural traits more quickly than ever across cultures.

How does diffusion help culture?

Relocation Diffusion As they relocate to a new location, they bring their ideas, cultural tradition such as food, music, and more. As masses of individuals immigrate to a new environment, they bring along their cultural connections, influencing others in the new environments.

What are the 3 peninsulas of ancient Greece?

The natural geographical formations of ancient Greece helped form three distinct regions-the Peloponnese, Central Greece, and Northern Greece. The Peloponnese is situated on the southernmost area of the peninsula.

What was most of Greece covered by?

Most of Greece is covered with steep mountains.

What role did the mountains and the sea play in the development of Greek history?

What role did the mountains and the sea play in the development of Greek History? The mountains isolated greeks from one another. This caused the different communities to develop their own way over time. The sea helped the Greeks travel and trade with surrounding civilizations.

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