Often asked: How Many Hours To Flight From London To Greece?

How long does it take to fly from England to Athens?

3h 35min is the average flight time from London to Athens International.

Can I fly direct to Greece from UK?

Are there non-stop flights to Greece? There are non-stop flights to Athens from London Heathrow (LHR), London Gatwick (LGW) and London Luton (LTN) as well as from Edinburgh Turnhouse (EDI) and Manchester Airport (MAN). You can also fly direct to Thessaloniki, Rhodes and Corfu from the UK.

How far is London to Athens by plane?

The shortest distance ( air line) between Athens and London is 1,485.61 mi (2,390.86 km). The shortest route between Athens and London is 1,944.10 mi (3,128.72 km) according to the route planner.

How long is the flight from Heathrow to Greece?

The flight from London Heathrow to Athens International Airport takes around 3 hours 30 minutes.

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How far is Greece from UK by plane in hours?

How long is the flight to Greece? Flights from London to Athens, Greece: 3 hours 35 minutes.

Can you take a train from London to Greece?

London to Greece, the options You can reach Greece from London either by train to Italy then a cruise ferry to Greece, or by train all the way to Athens across eastern Europe via Munich, Vienna & Budapest.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Greece?

The cheapest months to book a flight to Greece: September and October, followed by November. Booking a flight in September can see as much as 13% savings compared to the average yearly flight price. The most expensive months to book a flight to Greece: May and June.

What’s the cheapest way to fly to Greece?

This is the Cheapest Way to Fly to Greece

  • Go towards the beginning or the end of the peak seasons. This means going in May and early June or September.
  • Fly to a European country, most likely London, FIRST. This is the biggest factor and way to get cheap flights.
  • Be flexible in your flying days.

Why is it expensive to fly to Greece?

Flight tickets though are expensive. Reason is high airport taxes, and the fact that Athens only has one airport. Ferry costs to any island are quite high. Popular islands are expensive due to supply/demand.

Can you drink the water in Greece?

Water — The public drinking water in Greece is safe to drink, although it can be slightly brackish in some locales near the sea. For that reason, many people prefer the bottled water available at restaurants, hotels, cafes, food stores, and kiosks.

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How many days do you need for Athens?

How many days do you need in Athens? Around 3 days would be the time needed to see all the main highlights of historic Athens, and to also take a day trip to a place of significant importance such as Delphi or the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion.

Is there a train from London to Athens?

There’s several options if you want to take the train from London to Athens, with most options taking around 48 hours to complete. The most convenient rail route requires you to begin at London St PancrasInternational, with a Eurostar connection to Paris Gare du Nord station.

Can you fly to Greece from Heathrow?

Yes, there are multiple flights from Heathrow to Greece for under £72. The cheapest flight booked recently is on Blue Air for just £69, but on average you can expect to pay £89.

Which Greek islands have direct flights from Heathrow?

British Airways flies from London Heathrow nonstop to Santorini, but it’s generally pretty expensive. In summer, BA also has a flight from London City (LCY) to Mykonos using an Embraer 190, as well as a Heathrow to Mykonos flight.

How many hours is Greece from England?

The total flight duration from London, United Kingdom to Athens, Greece is 3 hours, 29 minutes.

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