Often asked: How Warm Does In Get In Santorini Greece?

Does it get cold in Santorini?

It can get pretty cold as it is also windy and humid (no snow or below 0 temperatures though…). Remember: Santorini is an island! As a rule of thumb also, bear in mind that January and February are the coldest months in Santorini (and in Greece), with the most unpredictable weather (but no extremes…don’t worry).

What is the best month to go to Santorini?

The best time to visit Santorini is from September to October and April to May when the weather is warm and the crowds are scarce.

What type of climate does Santorini have?

Santorini has a semi-arid climate (BSh in the Köppen climate classification) with Mediterranean characteristics. Total rainfall averages 371 mm (14.6 in) per year. In the summer season, strong winds can also be observed.

Is Santorini hot in September?

September in Santorini is pretty hot and dry. The average temperature in Santorini in September is about 25 degrees Celsius or about 77 Fahrenheit, but usually you get more than that and it feels even warmer because it’s mostly sunny.

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Is Santorini expensive?

There’s a reason Santorini attracts more than two million tourists each year — the white-and-blue washed island in the Greek Cyclades is basically heaven on earth. But it’s also about twice as expensive as Athens, with hotel prices in the summer climbing to $250, on average, per night.

How much money should I take to Santorini for a week?

A vacation to Santorini for one week usually costs around €762 for one person. So, a trip to Santorini for two people costs around €1,524 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs €3,047 in Santorini.

How many days should you spend in Santorini?

But to really experience Santorini, consider spending three to five days: you ‘ll be able to sightsee, hike, and beach-hop while embracing the relaxed pace of island life.

What is so special about Santorini?

Santorini, Greece is one of the ultimate getaway destinations for a number of reasons. The small island has deep traditional roots, breathtaking views around every corner and is bursting with unique flavors. It offers many romantic settings and has plenty of natural landscapes to enjoy.

Which is the best area to stay in Santorini?

What are the Best Areas to Stay in Santorini?

  • Most romantic towns: Oia or Imerovigli.
  • Best Santorini views: Oia or Imerovigli – but Fira and Firostefani have wonderful views too.
  • Best shopping: Fira.
  • Best for honeymoon: Imerovigli (quiet and romantic), Fira (nightlife), Oia (a bit of both)

How warm is Santorini in April?

Average High/Low Temperatures by Month

Jan Apr
High °F 57 65
Low °F 50 56
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How cold does it get in Santorini?

What is the average temperature in Santorini? July and August are the hottest months in Santorini, with an average temperature of 26°C/79°F. December and January are the coldest ones with average temperatures of 13°C/55°F and 12 °C/54°F.

How warm is Santorini in May?

Average daily temperatures It’s pretty mild at this time of year, but it’s a good idea to bring along a jumper or light jacket for the evenings. The average daily maximum is 24 C and the average daily minimum is 17 C.

Is Santorini safe at night?

Is Santorini safe at night? Usual precautions apply but Santorini has very few problems with fights, violence, drugs, or organized criminal activity. The biggest risk at night is walking home down the caldera after too many drinks.

How busy is Santorini in September?

Santorini in September (80% Crowded ): Hot and sunny but cooling a little from August. The weather is similar to June but the water temperature is warmer as it heats over the summer months.

Which Greek island is the hottest in September?

For example Crete, which is perhaps the warmest Greek island in September might be basking in sunshine, but the northern mountains on the mainland might be feeling more chilly. The absolute best islands to visit in terms of good weather would be Crete and Rhodes, but September is still warm enough on most islands.

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