Often asked: What Is The Greatest Empire The World Has Ever Known That Live Outside Of Greece?

Who ruled the world the longest?

The Roman Empire is considered to have been the most enduring in history. The formal start date of the empire remains the subject of debate, but most historians agree that the clock began ticking in 27 BC, when the Roman politician Octavian overthrew the Roman Republic to become Emperor Augustus.

Was the Roman empire the biggest?

The Roman Empire was one of the largest in history, with contiguous territories throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

What island did Polycates rule?

Polycrates (/pəˈlɪkrəˌtiːz/; Ancient Greek: Πολυκράτης, in English usually Polycrates but sometimes Polykrates), son of Aeaces, was the tyrant of Samos from the 540s BC to 522 BC.

What is the offensive weapon of the trireme?

Triremes also possessed sails but they were not used during combat. A Trireme’s main offensive weapon was its ” beak,” a stout piece of sharpened wood (often clad in metal) which protruded directly forward from its bow, at or below the waterline.

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Which country has the oldest history?

An old missionary student of China once remarked that Chinese history is “remote, monotonous, obscure, and-worst of all-there is too much of it.” China has the longest continuous history of any country in the world—3,500 years of written history. And even 3,500 years ago China’s civilization was old!

Who defeated the Roman Empire?

Finally, in 476, the Germanic leader Odoacer staged a revolt and deposed the Emperor Romulus Augustulus. From then on, no Roman emperor would ever again rule from a post in Italy, leading many to cite 476 as the year the Western Empire suffered its deathblow.

Who has the largest empire in history?

The Mongol Empire existed during the 13th and 14th centuries and it is recognized as being the largest contiguous land empire in history.

What is the strongest empire in history?

One of the largest contiguous land empires in history, the Mongol empire spread throughout the 13th and 14th centuries CE. It rose from a collection of nomadic tribes in central Asia and at its height extended from Central Asia to Central Europe and to the Sea of Japan.

What was the worst empire in history?

16 Most Unbelievably Evil Empires In History

  1. 1 Komanchenreich. The Comanche Empire was one of the largest Indian tribes in America.
  2. The Celts.
  3. The Viking Kingdom.
  4. The Maori civilization.
  5. The Confederate States of America.
  6. The Belgian colonial empire.
  7. The Mongol Empire.
  8. Ancient Egyptian Empire.

Who lost the Peloponnesian War Athens or Sparta?

Finally, in 405 BC, at the Battle of Aegospotami, Lysander captured the Athenian fleet in the Hellespont. Lysander then sailed to Athens and closed off the Port of Piraeus. Athens was forced to surrender, and Sparta won the Peloponnesian War in 404 BC.

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How was polycrates killed?

Oroetes killed Polycrates in a way too horrible to describe and then crucified him. All the Samians in his retinue he let go, telling them to be grateful to him for their freedom; those who were not Samians and slaves he took as captives.

What was the fate of Agamemnon when he returned home from the Trojan War?

But he is able to tell Telemachus about what happened to Agamemnon, the leader of the Achaean forces at Troy. When he returned home from the war, he was brutally murdered by his unfaithful wife, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Aegisthus.

Why is it called a trireme?

The trireme derives its name from its three rows of oars, manned with one man per oar. Medieval and early modern galleys with three files of oarsmen per side are sometimes referred to as triremes.

Why do Triremes have eyes?

Once the triremes were seaworthy, it is argued that they were highly decorated with, ” eyes, nameplates, painted figureheads, and various ornaments”. These decorations were used both to show the wealth of the patrician and to make the ship frightening to the enemy. Click to see full answer.

How many people would fit on a trireme?

The crew of the Greek trireme consisted of approximately 200 men: 30 regular crew and 170 rowers. The regular crew included officers and sailors to run the ship and archers and spearmen for added combat effectiveness. The trierarch, or captain of the trireme, was usually a wealthy citizen of Athens.

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