Often asked: Which Are The Ports From Italy To Santorini Greece?

How do I get from Italy to Santorini?

The best way to get from Italy to Santorini Island without a car is to bus and ferry and bus and car ferry which takes 39h 13m and costs 210€ – 400€. 5

What is the best way to travel from Italy to Greece?

The most common way to travel between Italy and Greece is by ferry. There are several Italian ports from which you can choose to take a ferry to Greece, Croatia, and other Mediterranean destinations.

Are ferries sailing from Italy to Greece?

Many ferries depart from several ports in Italy both to the Greek islands and the Greek mainland. The main Italian ports that serve ferry itineraries from Italy to Greece are Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, and Venice.

How long does it take to get from Italy to Greece by ferry?

The fastest route between Italy and Greece is Brindisi to Corfu with a crossing duration of around 6 hours 30 minutes.

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How expensive is Santorini?

There’s a reason Santorini attracts more than two million tourists each year — the white-and-blue washed island in the Greek Cyclades is basically heaven on earth. But it’s also about twice as expensive as Athens, with hotel prices in the summer climbing to $250, on average, per night.

Is Santorini near Italy?

Santorini is a small island in the Cycladic island group in the Aegean Sea, part of the Mediterranean Sea. Many travelers visit Santorini as part of a vacation to Italy, other Greek islands (especially Mykonos), or the Mediterranean. There are no direct flights to Santorini from the USA, Canada, or Australia.

How much is a ferry ride from Italy to Greece?

A standard Italy – Greece ferry ticket (via the port of Venice) costs from €80 to €90 depending on the ferry company, the port of arrival, the seat and vehicle type. Take a ride with a gondola in Venice!

How long is a train ride from Greece to Italy?

The fastest route is from Patras to Bari with a journey time of 16 hours and ticket fares from 40 EUR. The other routes take up to 24 hours with ticket fares from 45 EUR. 3. A train ticket from Bari, Ancona, Trieste or Venice to your travel destination in Italy.

Can you travel by train from Italy to Greece?

It is possible to take a train from anywhere in Italy to the coastal Italian city of Bari. From there, it is possible to hop on board a ferry bound for the western Greek city of Patras, such as the ones operated by SuperFast. However, make sure to prepare for a journey time of close to 10 hours.

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How far is Greece from Italy flying?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Greece and Italy is 844 km= 524 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Greece to Italy, It takes 0.94 hours to arrive.

How much is a flight from Greece to Italy?

Flights to Cities in Italy

Flights Lowest Price
Athens, Greece to Rome, Italy $129
Athens, Greece to Milan $148
Athens, Greece to Venice, Italy $68
Athens, Greece to Naples, Italy $81


How far is Greece from Italy car?

19 hours, 29 minutes

City: round-trip one-way
Get: vacation flight hotel SEARCH

Is Greece more expensive than Italy?

Although the prices aren’t dramatically different, Italy is slightly more expensive than Greece. Athens is a bit more affordable than Rome, and entertainment is also a bit cheaper in Greece. The cost of living in Italy is slightly higher than in Greece, and the of food and activities reflects this.

How far is Africa from Italy?

Countries Distance Map

Italy Distance To Country Distance (km) Flight Time (hr)
South Africa 8123.49 8.9
UK 1897.96 2.08
Brazil 9069.19 9.94
Germany 1045.85 1.15

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