Question: What Do In The Port Of Santorini Greece?

What is there to do in Santorini on a cruise?

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Santorini. Watch the Sunset. Join a Catamaran Cruise. Walk on the Caldera. Visit Volcano and Swim in Hot Springs. Swim in the Black Beach. Visit Red Beach. Delish Dinner at Ammoudi. Visit a Winery on Caldera.
  • Explore. Volcano & Hot Springs. Villages. Museums. Restaurants & Taverns. Attractions. Castles. Wineries.

What is the ferry port in Santorini?

The name of Santorini’s port is Athinios. Athinios Port is also referred to as the “New port” or ” Thira port” by locals. That’s because there is one smaller, cruise port on the island, located in Fira; this is the Οld port of Santorini.

How do I get from Santorini port to Fira?

When travelling from Santorini Athinios port to Fira you have two transfer options, taxi and bus. Taking a taxi is the fastest and most comfortable way to reach Fira from Athinios port. The journey will take 30 minutes and and costs ~35€ in the day. The cheapest option is to take the public bus.

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How do you get from OIA to Santorini port?

The bus from the port to the center of Oia is included and you have 1.5 hours to spend before turning back by bus to Fira. From the bus terminal in Fira you can take a bus to Oia. The journey takes about 30 minutes and costs just € 1.80 per person (one way). You can purchase your ticket on the bus.

Can you walk from Oia to Fira?

The hiking trail from Oia to Fira is approximately 10km and is a fairly easy hike considering that for the most part the path is either similar to a sidewalk or there is cobblestone. The entire hike should take around 4 hours depending on your pace and how many stops and detours you make along the way.

Is taxi expensive in Santorini?

There are only 25 taxis that serve the entire island of Santorini, so they can be hard to come by. Taxis in Santorini do not use a meter and prices are usually negotiated before starting your trip. Taxi fares from the Santorini airport are 35€ to 40€ to Oia, 20€ to 30€ to Fira, and 25€ to 35€ to the ferry port.

How much is a taxi from Santorini port to Oia?

Santorini taxis are unmetered, with prices negotiated before starting your trip. If a price is not agreed upon in advance, you’re stuck paying whatever the driver asks upon arrival. A taxi from the ferry port to Fira, Firostefani, or Imerovigli should cost about €30 to €35; €30 to €45 from the port to Oia.

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How do you get around on Santorini?

The best way to get around Santorini is on foot or by bus. You’ll see that it’s easy to walk around the tiny seaside towns, but the bus is best to get from one town to another. There are KTEL bus routes from Fira (the capital city) to many different destinations around the main island.

Is it better to stay in Fira or Oia in Santorini?

Oia is the more luxurious village with romantic restaurants and high-end shopping. Both Oia and Fira have some great places to eat (and some average ones), but I would give a slight edge to Oia for the quality of restaurants. Oia has more fine dining restaurants, while Fira has more casual restaurants.

How do you spend a day in Santorini?

Best Things to Do/See in Santorini (for first timers) in 1 Day:

  1. visit the amazing Oia village.
  2. visit or swim at the Black Beach.
  3. visit a winery and have a wine tasting experience.
  4. visit the picturesque Pyrgos village or the Emporio village.
  5. go to the Mount of Prophet Elias.
  6. visit or swim at the Red Beach.

How much is cable car in Santorini?

This is a 1-WAY cable car ride and you can purchase at ticket booth day of for $6.00 each way. I paid $11.37 a person for a one way which is DOUBLE.

How late do buses run in Santorini?

Buses run from approximately 7 A.M. to 10 P.M., though in the high season they run later. In winter most routes run every 90 minutes while in summer they run as often as every half hour. Schedules are pinned or glued to boards at bus stops but they change frequently. Check with your hotel for the most current schedule.

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Can you tour Santorini on your own?

Private Tours on Santorini: What to Know Book early. It’s easy to reserve last-minute group tours, but there are surprisingly few private tours offered on Santorini and they get booked early for visits from June to September.

Where is the cruise port in Santorini?

Created by the volcano eruption in 1650 B.C., Santorini’s Cruise Port port of call is located at the bottom of the Caldera Cliffs in Fira, the capital of Santorini. It doesn’t have a cruise terminal and visitors are tendered ashore by small boats.

How far is Santorini port from the airport?

The distance between Santorini Airport (JTR) and Santorini Port is 4 km.

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