Question: What Is The Best Beach For Families In Halikidiki Greece?

Is Halkidiki good for families?

For beach lovers, Halkidiki offers plenty of choice. In the west, the Blue Flag awarded Nea Herakleia and Nea Kallikratia are fringed with traditional tavernas and are perfect for families looking for white sand and shallow, warm waters for small children.

Which is the best part of Halkidiki?

Kassandra is the peninsula with the lively infrastructure, it’s not busy, but this is where you’ll find the most glamorous resorts and the villages with the best restaurants and bars and many of the best places to stay in Halkidiki. Sithonia has the most beautiful of the white, sandy beaches and the best camping.

Is Halkidiki a party island?

Halkidiki Nightlife The center of nightlife in Halkidiki is Kassandra, the first peninsula of the region. There, visitors can find all-night clubs, lounge bars, seaside taverns and even beach bars that organize parties on the beach. The second peninsula, Sithonia, has more lounge nightlife.

What sea surrounds Halkidiki?

Halkidiki is a peninsular region, located to the north of Greece. This region gets into the Aegean Sea and as a result, it gives rise to the formation of four gulfs: the Thermaic Gulf in the west, the Strymonic Gulf in the east and the Kassandra Gulf and Mount Athos Gulf on the south.

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Which Greek island is the prettiest?

1.) I’m pretty sure Santorini is the most famous and possibly the most beautiful islands in Greece. With its clifftop villages and amazing views, it’s one of the unique Greek Islands that has been massively shaped by a volcanic eruption a few thousand years ago.

Which are the quietest Greek islands?

Which Are the Quietest Greek Islands for Escaping the Crowds?

  • IKARIA. Number one on this list is the island of Ikaria in the Aegean Sea – the island that time forgot.
  • ANAFI.

Which is the liveliest resort in Halkidiki?

Kalithea is the busiest and has night clubs etc but Hanioti or Pefkohori are great. They have loads of bars, restaurants, shops etc, a great beach [Hanioti].

How far is Athens from Halkidiki?

The distance between Athens and Halkidiki Palace, Polykhrono is 226 km. 6

What island is Halkidiki on?

Halkidiki is a verdant peninsula located on the northern side of Greece. Chalkidiki has long been a popular destination among the locals, thanks to its close distance to Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece. Standing out for its beautiful seaside resorts and exotic beaches, Chalkidiki is one of a kind!

Is Halkidiki Greece nice?

The beaches in Halkidiki have the reputation of being some of the best in Greece. Sithonia, on the other hand, being less touristy, has hidden beaches and coves and is the perfect destination for camping fans.

Is pefkohori Lively?

I go to Pefkohori all the time and I think it is pretty buzzy – the lively bars don’t come to life until the early hours, but there are several bars with loud music and dancing along the seafront (as well as quieter ones) and Sushi nightclub on the main road.

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How far is Halkidiki from airport?

A: Halkidiki is about a 62.5km drive from the airport.

Is Halkidiki windy?

Even if it’s windy, there are sheltered beaches with a calm sea where you can enjoy swimming.

Can you drink the water in Halkidiki?

Water: Tap water is safe to drink although bottled water is recommended in some areas. Banks, ATM’s, Credit cards: Wherever you are, you will find a Greek bank branch in a short distance (maximum 20-25km). Numerous ATM’s can be found all over the region.

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