Question: What Is The Weather In Greece In June?

How hot is it in Greece in June?

How Hot Is Athens In June? The average temperature this month is 24°C, while the average low is just 20°C, and the average high is a warm 28°C. The lowest ever recorded temperature in Athens in June is 12°C, while the highest ever recorded temperature is 37°C.

Is June a good time to visit Greece?

The best time to visit Greece is during spring (April to early- June ) and autumn (September – October). You can enjoy mild weather and fewer crowds during these shoulder season periods. The shoulder season offers you the opportunity to embrace the fun in Greece while not straining your budget.

Which Greek island is hottest in June?

In Santorini you’re looking at an average maximum of 22ºC in May and 26ºC in June, 13 hours of sunshine a day in June, and the chance of one rainy day. By June the sea temperature is up to 22ºC, so you can start to enjoy the island’s famous coloured beaches… and swim in the sea. Mykonos is very similar.

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How hot is Athens in June?

After a long spring that typically falls into the “warm and pleasant” category, the month of June ushers in the full-blown ” hot season” in Athens. Temperatures in the city average about 80°F (27°C) and it can feel muggy in certain places.

How warm is Santorini in June?

During June, the average temperature for Santorini is an average of 24ºC with highs of 27ºC and lows of 21ºC. Hottest And Coolest Junes In Santorini? In recent times, the hottest June day ever recorded on the island saw temperatures reach as high as 40°C.

Where is it hot in June?

Where is hot in June

Destination Temperature (°C)
Cancun 36.0
Kos 32.1
Phuket 31.7
Athens 30.4

How many days in Greece is enough?

Planning Your Trip to Greece We recommend that you spend at least seven days in Greece to be able to comfortably explore Athens and one or two Greek islands. With more days to spend, you can obviously explore more destinations and less-visited islands, but if you are planning a quick getaway we’ve got you covered too.

Which Greek island is the prettiest?

1.) I’m pretty sure Santorini is the most famous and possibly the most beautiful islands in Greece. With its clifftop villages and amazing views, it’s one of the unique Greek Islands that has been massively shaped by a volcanic eruption a few thousand years ago.

What is the coldest month in Greece?

Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month August (84 °F avg)
Coldest Month January (50 °F avg)
Wettest Month December (2.37″ avg)
Windiest Month August (7 mph avg)
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Which is hotter Greece or Cyprus?

Cyprus is located in the south-east of the Mediterranean, just 380 kilometers from Egypt, so the climate here is warmer than in Greece. In Greece, the thermometer often passes the thirty plus mark in summer as well, but in general there is less heat than in Cyprus, especially in the northern part of the country.

What is there to do in Athens in June?

The Best Things To Do in Athens

  • The Acropolis and Parthenon.
  • Acropolis Museum.
  • National Archaeological Museum.
  • Benaki Museum of Greek Culture.
  • National History Museum.
  • Outdoor Cinema.
  • Panathenaic (Olympic) Stadium.
  • Benizelos Mansion.

How warm is the water in Greece in June?

In June, the average sea temperature in Athens is 22.6°C (72.7°F). Note: Depending on a person’s sensitivity to cold, with regards to sunshine, wind, and air temperature, a quick swim in 22.6°C (72.7°F) water may be enjoyable.

How hot is Mykonos in June?

The average temperature ranges from 10.5 °C (51 °F) in January to 24 °C (75 °F) in July and August. Climate – Mykonos (Greece)

Month June
Max (°C) 26
Mean (°C) 22.5
Min (°F) 66
Max (°F) 79


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