Question: Why Are There No Crematoriums In Greece?

Does the Greek church allow cremation?

Traditionally, cremation was not permitted in the Greek Orthodox Church. It is still the position of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America that cremation is not permitted. If you intend to have a Greek Orthodox funeral and would like to be cremated, we recommend that you consult with your priest or bishop.

Why is cremation forbidden?

Cremation is considered by Islam to be “haram,” or an unclean practice. Islamic belief holds that only Allah knows what is good or bad for us and that the body should be treated with the utmost respect in life and in death. Burning the dead is considered a form of mutilation, forbidden by Allah.

Why are bodies exhumed in Greece?

A shortage of burial space in Greek cities means thousands of bodies have to be exhumed from graveyards every year. For those who can afford it, the bones of the deceased are washed and stored in a wooden box and held at an ossuary. The empty graves are then used for other people’s funerals.

How much does a funeral cost in Greece?

BURIAL IN GREECE: The cost of a simple burial in Greece, without embalming, averages from 1,450 Euros/$1,975.48 to 3,200 Euros/$4,359.67 (See “embalming” for additional costs ).

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How much is a cremation in Greece?

Cremation in Greece costs about $1,662 ($665 goes to the crematorium, while the rest goes to the funeral home that arranges it). In Bulgaria, cremation services can cost up to $2,217 — not including travel expenses for mourners or the cost of transporting the deceased.

Does God allow cremation?

Despite this preference, cremation is now permitted as long as it is not done to express a refusal to believe in the resurrection of the body. Until 1997, Church regulations used to stipulate that cremation has to take place after a funeral service.

What does God think of cremation?

The Bible neither favors nor forbids the process of cremation. Nevertheless, many Christians believe that their bodies would be ineligible for resurrection if they are cremated. This argument, though, is refuted by others on the basis of the fact that the body still decomposes over time after burial.

What religions dont allow cremation?

Islam and Cremation Of all world religions, Islam is probably the most strongly opposed to cremation. Unlike Judaism and Christianity, there is little diversity of opinion about it. Cremation is considered by Islam to be an unclean practice.

Are Graves rented?

Americans take this for granted, but it is a whacky, wild promise that we maybe should not be making. In a lot of other countries, you basically rent a grave until they dig up your bones to make room for the next guy. And yet, in America, this forever- grave thing is actually in most states’ law.

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What happens when a body is exhumed?

Exhumations are generally rare and tend to be traumatic for the family involved. This process is called exhumation. Exhumation means the removal from the ground of a body or cremated remains. It also covers the disturbance of remains within a grave, particularly when a grave is reopened for burial.

Why Greeks are exhuming their parents?

Cemeteries in Greek cities are so overcrowded that bodies are often only kept in the ground for three years. Then families have to pay for exhumation – and for the bones to be kept in a building known as an ossuary.

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