Quick Answer: How Big Is Kos Greece?

How do you get around Kos?

Getting Around in Kos

  1. By Bus — The Kos town (DEAS) buses offer service within roughly 6.4km (4 miles) of the town center, whereas the Kos island (KTEL) buses will get you nearly everywhere else.
  2. By Bicycle — This is a congenial island for cyclists.
  3. By Moped & Motorcycle — It’s easy to rent a moped through your hotel or a travel agent.

What is Kos famous?

Today Kos is most famous for being the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. The tree that he once taught under, the Hippocrates Plane Tree, still stands Kos Town and is revered by hundreds of visitors each year.

Is Kos a pretty island?

It may not have the spectacular caldera views of Santorini, the many iconic windmills of Mykonos, nor the jumble of white and blue houses that are native to so many Greek islands, but Kos still proved to be a fantastic island on which to enjoy a week of R&R.

How many people are in Kos?

Kos is the third largest island of the Dodecanese by area, after Rhodes and Karpathos; it has a population of 33,388 (2011 census), making it the second most populous of the Dodecanese, after Rhodes.

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Can you drink tap water in Kos Greece?

Can You Drink Tap Water in Kos? Yes, tap water is drinkable. According to WHO data, 99% of Greece cities/towns and rural areas have access to improved water sources, that are available when needed. Tap Water Kos is a heavily industrialized and developed region in northern Greece.

Which Greek island is the prettiest?

1.) I’m pretty sure Santorini is the most famous and possibly the most beautiful islands in Greece. With its clifftop villages and amazing views, it’s one of the unique Greek Islands that has been massively shaped by a volcanic eruption a few thousand years ago.

Is Kos a party island?

Kos is definitely the liveliest island of the Dodecanese, proposing a wide plethora of nightclubs and bars for all musical tastes. The nightlife of Kos is concentrated in two famous streets, right at the center of the capital. Tigaki, Agios Stefanos, Psalidi, and Lambi also has few bars and clubs to enjoy a drink.

Is Kos expensive?

Past travelers have spent, on average, €22 ($27) on meals for one day and €2.88 ($3.51) on local transportation. Also, the average hotel price in Kos for a couple is €47 ($57). So, a trip to Kos for two people for one week costs on average €701 ($853).

Is Kos very touristy?

Hi – Kos is a very small island and although it relies on tourism it is not ” touristy ” in most places. Although some of the towns like Kardamena and Kos Town are very busy everywhere is very naturally Greek.

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Is Kos Town good for couples?

The best places to stay in Kos for couples If you wan the night life then you’ll be looking at Kos Town, if you want the best beach then head down towards the south coast beaches in the Kefalos area.

Where in Kos should I stay?

Kos Town is the largest town on the island. It is the main tourist and cultural centre and is where you’ll find a great selection of accommodations, dining and nightlife options. That’s why Kos Town is our pick for where to stay in Kos if you’re visiting for the first time.

Is the sea warm in Kos?

The sea is warm enough for swimming from July to September, and reaches 24 °C (75 °F) in August and September. Here are the average sea temperatures.

Is Kos good for families?

2. Re: Is Kos Town suitable for families? No need to worry, Kos Town is ideal for you. Must say you won’t have the beaches of Kefalonia around Kos Town but the water is crystal clear and inviting.

Is Kos safe?

Kos is a very safe city to visit. Since it’s so popular among foreigners, it is very welcoming towards its tourists and all the known risks and traps are unlikely to happen, and even more so to tourists, but they shouldn’t be ruled out due to the serious economic crisis Greece has been in in the recent years.

Is Kos a good brand?

Expert Reviews This has organic ingredients, good flavor, and reasonably priced. Kos has made a pretty darn interesting protein: it’s nutritious, it’s got digestive enzymes, it has no artificial ingredients, and it’s pretty reasonably priced.

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