Quick Answer: What Is A Currency Swap Greece?

How does a currency swap work?

A currency swap is a transaction in which two parties exchange an equivalent amount of money with each other but in different currencies. The parties are essentially loaning each other money and will repay the amounts at a specified date and exchange rate.

What is a currency basis swap?

Basis rate swaps are a form of interest rate swap involving the exchange of the floating interest rates of two financial assets. These types of swaps allow the exchange of variable interest rate payments that are based on two different interest rates.

What is the advantage of currency swap?

Another advantage of a currency swap is that it reduces the risk of exchange rate changes and also reduces the interest rate risk. That is, the currency swap agreement provides relief from the fluctuations in currency prices in the international market.

Are currency swaps legal?

A currency swap involves the exchange of interest—and sometimes of principal—in one currency for the same in another currency. Considered to be a foreign exchange transaction, currency swaps are not required by law to be shown on a company’s balance sheet.

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Why do banks do swaps?

Swaps give the borrower flexibility – Separating the borrower’s funding source from the interest rate risk allows the borrower to secure funding to meet its needs and gives the borrower the ability to create a swap structure to meet its specific goals.

Why are swaps so popular?

Interest Rate Swaps are popular products for the following reasons; They are comparable in risk terms and maturity terms to bonds, which span a multi-trillion dollar industry, and can be utilised in similar ways to bonds. They are transparent and relatively simple products. They are liquid in most major currencies.

When would you use a basis swap?

A basis swap can be used to limit interest rate risk that a firm faces as a result of having different lending and borrowing rates. Basis swaps help investors to mitigate basis risk that is a type of risk associated with imperfect hedging. Firms also utilize basis swaps to hedge the divergence of different rates.

How are basis swaps quoted?

Basis swaps are quoted as a spread over a reference index. For example, 3-month LIBOR is frequently used as a reference. Spreads are quoted over it.

Why does cross currency basis exist?

It holds that the interest rate differential between two currencies in the cash money markets should equal the differential between the forward and spot exchange rates. Otherwise, arbitrageurs could make a seemingly riskless profit.

Why do companies use swaps?

Swapping allows companies to revise their debt conditions to take advantage of current or expected future market conditions. Currency and interest rate swaps are used as financial tools to lower the amount needed to service a debt as a result of these advantages.

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What are the disadvantages of swap?

What is Swap and Its Limitations

  • It is difficult to identify a counter-party to take the opposite side of the transaction.
  • The swap deal cannot be terminated without the mutual agreement of the parties involved in the transactions, also it has significant amount of default risk in it and hence it is risky instrument to use.

What are two advantages of swapping?

The following advantages can be derived by a systematic use of swap:

  • Borrowing at Lower Cost: Swap facilitates borrowings at lower cost.
  • Access to New Financial Markets:
  • Hedging of Risk:
  • Tool to correct Asset-Liability Mismatch:
  • Additional Income:

What is the difference between currency swap and interest rate swap?

Interest rate swaps involve exchanging interest payments, while currency swaps involve exchanging an amount of cash in one currency for the same amount in another.

How do you price a cross currency swap?

The market value of the cash flows is calculated by multiplying the cash flows with their discount factor (column C for the US dollar and column F for the euro). The euro market value (column G) is converted to US dollar by multiplying it with the spot EUR/USD, i.e. 1.3697.

What is currency swaps and its legal issues?

Currency swaps, in simple terms, are a legal contract between two parties who agree to exchange principal amount and interest in one currency for principal amount and interest in another currency. For accounting purpose, any currency swap is just like a foreign exchange transaction.

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