Quick Answer: What To Drink In Greece?

What drinks go with Greek food?

Your Guide for Matching Wine with Greek Dishes

  • Pair with: Grenache and Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre (GSM).
  • Alternative options: Pinot Noir, Nero d’Avola or Merlot.
  • Wine to match: Tempranillo.
  • Alternative options: Sangiovese, Barbera or Shiraz.
  • Wine to match: Fiano.
  • Alternative options: Chardonnay, Verdelho or Arneis.
  • Wine to match: Sauvignon Blanc.

What is a traditional Greek drink?

12 Most Popular Greek Drinks & Beverages You Must Try In Greece

  • Popular Greek Wines. Retsina Wine. Vinsanto Wine.
  • Greek Spirits. Metaxa. Ouzo. Tsikoudia. Tsipouro.
  • Greek Liqueurs. Kitron. Mastiha.
  • Greek Beers. Greek Beer.
  • Non-Alcoholic Greek Drinks. Greek -style Frappe. Greek Mountain Tea (Tsai Tou Vounou) Visináda.

What is a popular Greek drink?

Ouzo is considered the national drink of Greece. In technical terms, it is either produced by partial distillation or the admixture of plain alcohol with aromatic herbs.

What drinks do Greek people drink?

The 5 drinks you must try in Greece

  • Frappe. The cold refreshing drink is everywhere – you will find it at every beach bar, cafe or bakery.
  • Greek Beer. Being in Greece and not trying the mythical Mythos beer is a pity.
  • Retsina. While frappe and beer are more like daily drinks, retsina is the companion for your dinner.
  • Ouzo.
  • Mastiha Liqueur.
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What is the Greek national dish?

Moussaka – Greece’s National Dish.

What are some Greek snacks?

7 Quick-and-Easy Greek Appetizers

  • 01 of 07. Dakos: Rusks With Tomatoes and Cheese.
  • 02 of 07. Olive Tapenade (Spread)
  • 03 of 07. Roasted Greek Cheese.
  • 04 of 07. Hot Pepper Cheese Dip.
  • 05 of 07. Saganaki: Fried Greek Cheese.
  • 06 of 07. Spicy Stuffed Peppers With Feta Cheese.
  • 07 of 07.

What do Greeks eat for breakfast?

10 Greek Breakfast Foods You Should Try Out

  • Yogurt with Honey and Fresh Fruit. Greek yogurt is known for more than its creamy texture, quality and flavors, it’s also appreciated for its probiotic qualities.
  • Feta, Veggies and Eggs.
  • Eliopsomo: Greek Olive Bread.
  • Pita Bread with Eggs.
  • Spanakopita.
  • Fresh Fruit.
  • Pita Dippers.
  • Pitas.

Can you drink on the beach in Greece?

Water — The public drinking water in Greece is safe to drink, although it can be slightly brackish in some locales near the sea. For that reason, many people prefer the bottled water available at restaurants, hotels, cafes, food stores, and kiosks.

What fruit do they eat in Greece?

Apricots, peaches, nectarines, and cherries are also delicious and highly nutritious fruits you can find in Greece. Late August and early September is the season of two other fruits: figs and grapes. Fig trees are very common in Greece and the islands, you will see many such trees on the side of the roads.

What is Greek hard liquor?

Ouzo ( Greek: ούζο, IPA: [ˈuzo]) is a dry anise-flavoured aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus. It is made from rectified spirits that have undergone a process of distillation and flavoring. Its taste is similar to other anise liquors like rakı, arak, pastis and sambuca.

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Can you flush the toilet paper in Greece?

Don’t flush toilet paper in Greece There’s a very simple explanation: Greek sewage pipes are approximately 2 inches (50mm) in diameter. American and British plumbing is twice as large (4 inches/100mm). The Greek pipes just get clogged. They don’t call them ‘modern conveniences’ for nothing.

What do Greeks drink non alcoholic?

Soumada is a non – alcoholic, syrupy, almond-based beverage that is produced on the island of Crete. It is made with a mixture of fresh, locally-grown almonds, sugar, and water, which is simmered in sugar syrup to create this signature Cretan drink.

Is beer popular in Greece?

Consumption. Beer in Greece is consumed nationally, as breweries are spread across the nation. Beer consumption in 2014 came to 3.845 million hectolitres, or 36 litres per capita. 440,000 of these hectolitres was imported to Greece.

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