Quick Answer: Where To Stay In Andros Greece?

Is Andros Greece expensive?

The cost of staying in Andros is slightly lower than the average city. On average hotels are less expensive than vacation rentals. Luxury vacation rentals are more expensive in Andros due to very high property costs.

Is Andros a party island?

Andros Nightlife Andros is an island that attracts lots of visitors during the summer period and offers many suggestions for a night out. Such bars can also be found in Batsi, Gavrio and Ormos Korthiou that are the most tourist places on the island.

What is Andros Greece known for?

Boasting a natural landscape with lush vegetation, imposing mountains, virgin beaches, and rural villages, Andros Greece is a go-to destination for those who crave a getaway near Athens. Although it is a summertime favorite for tourists, the island has managed to keep its unspoiled charm!

Is Andros open to tourists?

There is no tourist office in Andros, therefore all the tourism information are obtained from the numerous travel agencies in the capital. Apart from the main police station, there is no tourist police office that offers exclusive assistance to foreign visitors.

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How do I get from Athens to Andros?

The Rafina Andros ferry route connects Athens with Cyclades Islands and is currently operated by 3 ferry companies. Cyclades Fast Ferries operate their crossing up to 3 times per day, Golden Star Ferries 3 times per day & the SeaJets service is available up to 14 times per week.

What does Andros mean?

Meaning:man or warrior. Andros as a boy’s name is of Greek origin meaning “man or warrior”.

How do I get to Andros?

If you want to visit Andros, you won’t have the choice: you have to take the ferry! Unlike some other Greek Islands, such as Naxos, Paros or Santorini, Andros has no airport. From Athens, the ferry links the Port of Rafina and Andros in around 2 hours.

Where is Tinos Greece?

Tinos (Greek: Τήνος [ˈtinos]) is a Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea. It is located in the Cyclades archipelago. In antiquity, Tinos was also known as Ophiussa (from ophis, Greek for snake) and Hydroessa (from hydor, Greek for water). The closest islands are Andros, Delos, and Mykonos.

Does Andros Island Greece have an airport?

There is no airport in Andros Island. Andros is one of the closest islands to Athens, the capital of Greece, therefore tourists can fly to the International Airport of Athens and travel to Andros by ferry from the port of Rafina, one of the 3 ports of Athens, which is very close to the airport.

Why is Andros Island uninhabited?

On Andros Island Greece, it’s not just the ocean. The reasons islands remain uninhabited are financial, political, environmental, or religious -or a combination of those reasons. It is for the most part mountainous, with many fruitful and well-watered valleys.

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How many people live in Andros Greece?

The island had about 18,000 inhabitants in (1900). The 1991 census read 8,781. According to the latest Greek census of 2011, the town of Andros still numbered 1,665 inhabitants, and the island’s total was 9,221.

Where is the island of Andros in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Andros is a small island in the middle of the ocean in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. There are no other activities on the island than places to improve your spears. The whole area is covered in forest.

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