Readers ask: What Gas In Rental Car In Greece?

What do you need to rent a car in Greece?

To rent a car in Greece, you must be at least 21 years old (age may vary by car category) and you must have held your license for at least 1 year. Drivers renting a car under the age of 25 may incur a young driver surcharge. An international drivers license is required. Some suppliers have a maximum rental age of 70.

Do you have to refill gas in a rental car?

You may refuel the vehicle to the same fuel level you received when you picked up the vehicle, or if you choose not to refuel the vehicle to the same fuel level, you will be charged the local Enterprise rate which is typically above the local pump price.

Is a UK driving Licence valid in Greece?

Licences and documents You can drive in Greece with a UK driving licence.

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Is it safe to rent a car in Greece?

We found Greece a very safe country to drive in. We’ve driven in almost every country in Europe and found Greece to be one of the safest countries we’ve driven to date.

What is the best car rental company in Greece?

#1 – Enterprise It was founded in 1957 in Clayton, Missouri, United States. They have enough locations for car rental and pick-up services in Greece which will help you avoid any long wait before you can find your rental car.

Is it easy to rent a car in Greece?

Renting A Car at the Airport The drive into Athens is relatively easy but can be confusing for jet-lagged, first-time travelers in Greece. You may prefer to rent from your hotel in Athens or at a local agency.

What does full to full mean when renting a car?

Full / Full. It means that you pick up the car with the full tank, and you have to return it full. They will block an amount on your credit card.

Do rental cars come with fuel?

At Virtuo, fuel is not included in your rental. We just ask that you return your vehicle with the same level of fuel that you started your rental with.

Does Hertz pay for gas?

If you choose not to refuel yourself, Hertz will refuel the car at the per gallon market price of fuel used, plus a flat convenience fee per transaction.

Can tourists drive in Greece?

U.S. citizen tourists /temporary residents with stays less than six months must have a driver’s license from the United States and an international driver’s permit (IDP) issued by American Automobile Association (AAA) OR the American Automobile Touring Alliance to drive or rent a car in Greece.

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What Licence do I need to drive in Greece?

If you are planning on driving during your trip to Greece, you should get an International Driver’s License. Greek laws require a foreign driver to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) as well as a state-issued driver’s license to operate a vehicle in the country.

How long can I drive my UK car in Greece?

Vehicles from the UK can be temporarily imported into Greece for up to 6 months without customs documents. In order to stay on the right side of the law, the following documents should always be carried: Full, valid UK driving licence.

How much does a rental car cost in Greece?

On average a rental car in Greece costs $323 per week ($46 per day).

Is driving in Greece difficult?

Driving in Athens can be challenging at first but once you get out of the city you should be fine as long as you PAY ATTENTION. If you love to drive you will love driving in Greece. The roads are pretty good and there is very little of the US Interstate-Autobahn kind of highway driving that makes driving boring.

Is driving in Greece dangerous?

One option is to drive around the mainland Greece. However, a web-site mentioned that driving in Greece is very dangerous: speeding is common and if you drive in legal speed limit, you would be harassed by other drivers, truck drivers use both lanes of two lane road, even buses drive recklessly.

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