Readers ask: What Was The Key To Philip Of Macedon’s Success In Uniting All Of Greece Under His Control?

How did Philip improve the phalanx?

He ensured the phalanx formation had flexibility for example, training his men to either double or halve the usual 16-man depth of the phalanx when necessary. Furthermore, Philip also made his infantry march and run long distances with full equipment so that they were always fit and ready for battle when on campaign.

Why was Philip able to conquer Greece so easily?

Greece had been weakened by the Peloponnesian War. Philip II of Macedonia was able to conquer Greece because the Greek city-states were a. still occupied fighting the Persians.

Why did the orator Isocrates support Philips conquest of Greece?

Why did the orator Isocrates support Philip’s conquest of Greece? Isocrates believed that Persia posed a greater threat than Philip to the future well-being of Greece.

How did Philip II conquer Greece?

Phillip II was able to conquer Greece by using the powerful Macedonian military that he had built up and because the Greeks had weakened themselves in the Peloponnesian War and could not agree on a unified response to the Macedonian threat.

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What changes did Philip make in the Macedonian army?

One important military innovation of Philip II is often overlooked, he banned the use of wheeled transport and limited the number of camp servants to one to every ten infantrymen and one each for the cavalry. This reform made the baggage train of the army very small for its size and improved its speed of march.

What military tactic did Philip II use?

Answer: Philip used his military knowledge to strengthen the Macedonian army. His soldiers were trained to fight as a phalanx. A phalanx was a large group of foot soldiers armed with shields and spears.

How did Philip of Macedon become so powerful?

Phillip II built up a series of alliances with his neighbors, and he became even more influential after he managed to defeat a large Scythian army. Phillip controlled much of the Balkans by 340 BCE. Rich mines were discovered in Macedonia, and Phillip used his wealth to bribe his enemies and purchase allies.

What made Greece easier to conquer?

The lack of unity among Greek city-states made Greece easier to conquer. Tyrants seized power and ruled the city-states harshly.

Why did isocrates starve himself to death?

Tragically, Isocrates was not around to see him dream fulfilled. In 338 BC, two years shy of Alexander’s coronation and his own 100th birthday, Isocrates starved himself to death after yet another appeal to Philip fell on deaf ears.

Why did Demosthenes kill himself?

He was accused of taking 20 talents deposited in Athens by Harpalus, a refugee from Alexander. Demosthenes was found guilty, fined 50 talents, and imprisoned. His former friend Demades then persuaded the Athenians to sentence Demosthenes to death. While fleeing Antipater’s soldiers, he killed himself by taking poison.

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What thinker was proud of his Greek ancestry?

Socrates, believed to have been born in Athens in the 5th century BCE, marks a watershed in ancient Greek philosophy.

Who killed Philip 2?

There Philip was assassinated by Pausanias, a young Macedonian noble with a bitter grievance against the young queen’s uncle Attalus and against Philip for denying him justice. This was the official explanation, and Pausanias himself could add nothing to it; he was killed on the spot.

What change did Philip the second make after unifying Greece?

Answer: He created a strong Macedonian state that was stable and prosperous for many decades. He created a professional army that was arguably the best in the known world and conquered an empire. The army and the state that Phillip II created changed the history of Macedonia and Greece.

Did Macedonia conquer Greece?

During the reign of the Argead king Philip II (359–336 BC), Macedonia subdued mainland Greece and the Thracian Odrysian kingdom through conquest and diplomacy. During Alexander’s subsequent campaign of conquest, he overthrew the Achaemenid Empire and conquered territory that stretched as far as the Indus River.

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