Readers ask: Where Is Kalambaka Greece?

How far is kalambaka from Athens?

The distance from Athens to Kalambaka is approximately 163 miles (263 km).

How far is kalambaka from Meteora?

The distance between Kalambaka (Station) and Meteora (Station) is 2 km.

What is kalambaka?

The Meteora (/ˌmɛtiˈɔːrə/; Greek: Μετέωρα, pronounced [meˈteora]) is a rock formation in central Greece hosting one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, second in importance only to Mount Athos.

How far is Meteora from Thessaloniki?

The distance between Thessaloníki and Meteora (Station) is 151 km. The road distance is 227 km. 6

How much is train from Athens to Meteora?

How to Get from Athens to Meteora

National Train & Coach €90 (per person) 14 Hr
Train €20 4 Hr
Public Bus €48 4 Hr
Car Hire €100 4 Hr

How do I get from Athens to kalambaka?

From Athens, take the train to Kalampaka: Kalampaka is the closest train station to the Meteora monasteries and it is the last stop on the train route. The direct train to Meteora leaves at 8:20am and arrives in Kalampaka at 1:18pm, a journey time of 4 hours and 58 minutes.

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How do people get to Meteora?

You need to catch the bus going to Trikala (the nearest big town to Kalampaka ) and then take the bus to Kalampaka. From there you need to either book a guided tour to the Monasteries, take a taxi or hike there. The train leaves from the New Railway Station in Thessaloniki and goes to Kalmpaka.

How do you get Meteora?

How to Get to Meteora. You can reach Meteora by car, bus or train. The cheapest and only non-stop option from Athens is the train, which you can purchase online here. I highly recommend booking in advance as the trains sell out quickly and have limited departures.

How long is train from Athens to Meteora?

The easiest way to get to Meteora from Athens is via train, and the journey takes around 4 hours and 15 minutes.

What is kalambaka known for?

In the Thessaly Valley, Kalambaka is a town watched by the surreal rock formations of Meteora. With wisps of greenery, these gigantic sandstone and conglomerate pillars are up to 400 metres high and topped with monasteries that make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why is Meteora important?

Meteora History. Meteora is an exquisite complex that consists of huge dark stone pillars rising outside Trikala, near the mountains of Pindos. The monasteries that sit on top of these rocks make up the second most important monastic community in Greece, after Mount Athos in Halkidiki.

Who lives on Meteora Mountain Greece?

In Meteora, monasteries reach toward the heavens. (CNN) — High above the Meteora landscape in the central region of Greece, 60 monks and nuns live in fabled monasteries perched on the edge of sandstone peaks. In centuries past, their place of worship brought them solitude and protection from unwanted trespassers.

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Is Meteora a day trip from Athens?

Getting from Athens to Meteora is a bit of a headache, but you can do it as a day trip if you want! While you might prefer to spend the night in Kalabaka to have extra time, for those who truly only have one day here’s how to do it.

How far is Thessaloniki to Athens?

The distance between the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki is 310 miles (499 km). The fastest way to get to Thessaloniki is to fly, which takes 40 minutes.

How far is Corfu from Meteora?

How far is it from Corfu to Meteora (Station)? It is approximately 147 km to get from Corfu to Meteora (Station). 6

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