Readers ask: Where Is Knossos Greece?

Where is Knossos in ancient Greece?

Knossos, also spelled Cnossus, city in ancient Crete, capital of the legendary king Minos, and the principal centre of the Minoan, the earliest of the Aegean civilizations (see Minoan civilization).

Why is Knossos famous?

Built on a largely artificial hill, it was the most impressive of the Minoan palaces. It was the administrative center of Minoan Knossos. According to Greek mythology, the famous architect Daedalus designed the palace with such complexity that none of those who entered could find the way out.

What island is Knossos on?


Crete, showing Heraklion, location of ancient Knōsos
Alternative name Cnossus
Location Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Region North central coast, 5 km (3.1 mi) southeast of Heraklion


What happened to Knossos?

The shores of Crete would have been hit by tsunamis, which also wrecked the Knossos port on that island. However, archaeologists have found evidence of widespread destruction in the settlements of ancient Crete a generation or two after Thera’s eruption.

What culture takes over Greece from the Minoans?

Mycenaeans Conquer the Minoans Archeologists think this might have been due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake. The Mycenaeans took over the islands of the Minoans and adopted much of the Minoan culture. They adapted the writing of the Minoans to their own language. Today this writing is called “Linear B.”

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Why was Knossos abandoned?

The End of Knossos & Later Discovery The city of Knossos, and almost every other community centre on Crete, was destroyed by a combination of earthquake and the invading Mycenaeans c. 1450 BCE with only the palace spared.

What was found in the palace of Knossos?

Archaeological survey of the upper strata of the Neolithic site revealed artifacts such as gold jewelry, glazed pottery, and bronze. A prepalace structure from 3000 b.c. was also identified, thus making the Early Minoan Period contemporary with the emergence of the Early Bronze Age in the Aegean.

What is special about the palace of Knossos?

The Minoan Palace of Knossos in Crete, Greece: The Minoan Palace at Knossos is over 20,000 square meters and the largest of all Minoan palatial structures. It was built of ashlar blocks, had many floors and was decorated with really beautiful frescoes.

Who killed the mycenaeans?

They caused widespread destruction in Anatolia and the Levant and were finally defeated by Pharaoh Ramesses III in c. 1175 BC. One of the ethnic groups that comprised these people were the Eqwesh, a name that appears to be linked with the Ahhiyawa of the Hittite inscriptions.

Why did the Minoans do bull leaping?

The assumption, widely debated by scholars, is that the iconography represents a ritual sport and/or performance in which human athletes—both male and female—literally vaulted over bulls as part of a ceremonial rite.

Is there a labyrinth at Knossos?

The labyrinth is popularly held to have been in the Palace of Knossos, built around 1950 BCE, the ruins of which stand near the city of Heraklion on the north coast of Crete. Kotsonas suggests the Cretan Labyrinth is a monument only in memory, regardless of it being “considered a monument that once actually existed”.

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Who killed the Minotaur?

When the third time of sacrifice came, the Athenian hero Theseus volunteered to go, and, with the help of Ariadne, daughter of Minos and Pasiphae, he killed the monster and ended the tribute. Theseus escaped with Ariadne.

What killed the Minoans?

Evidence suggests that the Minoans disappeared so suddenly because of the massive volcanic eruption in the Santorini Islands. We know now that the Santorini eruption and the collapse of the volcanic cone into the sea caused tsunamis which devastated the coasts of Crete and other Minoan coastal towns.

Who destroyed Crete?

The tidal wave caused by Santorini Volcano travelled and hit the shores of Crete, destroying the plantations, the crops, the ships and commerce, devitalizing and deviating the Minoan Civilization. The Minoan ports and infrastructures were destroyed by the 50 feet waves and were never rebuilt.

Did the mycenaeans kill the Minoans?

According to Homer, the Mycenaean civilization is dedicated to King Agamemnon who led the Greeks in the Trojan War. However, the Mycenaeans defeated the Minoans, acquiring the city of Troy in the process, according to Homer’s Illiad (some historians argue this is Myth rather than fact).

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