What Is The Airport In Greece Called?

What airport do you fly into for Greece?

Athens International Airport is located in Greece’s capital city and is by far the busiest in the country. Catering to 13 million national and international passengers each year, it is a central hub for Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air, and SkyGreece Airlines.

How many airports are there in Greece?

At the moment Greece has 15 international airports. They are located mostly on the islands since those are very popular tourist destination. However, travelling across the country is simple and there are connections with every part of Greece.

How many domestic airports are there in Greece?

All the Airports in Greece are listed below. For more information about any of these airports click on the airport name. There are 46 Airports in Greece and this list covers all these 46 Greece Airports.

Where are international airports in Greece?


City served / Location Region Airport name
International airports
Alexandroupoli East Macedonia and Thrace Alexandroupolis International Airport “Democritus”
Athens / Spata Attica Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”
Chania (Souda) Crete Chania International Airport “Ioannis Daskalogiannis”
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What month is the cheapest to fly to Greece?

The cheapest months to book a flight to Greece: September and October, followed by November. Booking a flight in September can see as much as 13% savings compared to the average yearly flight price. The most expensive months to book a flight to Greece: May and June.

What is the best month to visit Greece?

The best time to visit Greece is during spring (April to early-June) and autumn (September – October). You can enjoy mild weather and fewer crowds during these shoulder season periods.

Where do easyJet fly to in Greece?


Country or Territory City Airport
Greece Athens Athens International Airport
Chania Chania International Airport
Corfu Corfu International Airport
Heraklion Heraklion International Airport


How much does a plane ticket to Greece cost?

Good to know

Low season October Best time to beat the crowds with an average 5% drop in price.
High season December Most popular time to fly with an average 14% increase in price.
Average price round-trip $892 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)
Good deal round-trip $283 or less
Good deal one-way $246 or less

Is a visa required for Greece?

Greece is a party to the Schengen Agreement; therefore, U.S. citizens may enter Greece without a visa for stays of up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes. For entry into Greece, your passport should have at least six months of remaining validity.

Are there two airports in Athens?

Athens has only one airport, the Athens International Airport (AIA), which is called “Eleftherios Venizelos Airport ” in Greece. However, when you are looking for flights from your home country to Athens, you should search for the official airport code, which is AIA.

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How far is Athens from Santorini?

The distance between Athens and Santorini is 186 miles (300 km).

Which Greek islands can you fly direct to?

Greek Islands You Can Fly to Directly

  • Santorini. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Mykonos. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Corfu. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Kefalonia. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Lefkada. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Zakynthos. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Rhodes. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Kos. Natural Feature. Add.

How many Greek islands are there in total?

Greece has many islands, with estimates ranging from somewhere around 1,200 to 6,000, depending on the minimum size to take into account. The number of inhabited islands is variously cited as between 166 and 227. The largest Greek island by area is Crete, located at the southern edge of the Aegean Sea.

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