What Symbol Does Greece Use For Christmas?

What is Santa called in Greece?

The Greek Santa Claus is known as “Ayios Vassileios” in Greek. He is like the father of Christmas; also an old man with a white beard, who is wearing a red cape. He is kind, cheerful and smiling and his purpose is to bring joy to children, by giving them gifts.

How do the Greek celebrate Christmas?

Children Sing Kalanta On Christmas Eve, it’s common in Greece for children to flock from home to home in their neighborhoods to sing Greek Christmas carols, or “kalanta.” After wishing their neighbors happy holidays, the children are usually rewarded with sweets, dried fruits and small change.

What Christmas decorations do they use in Greece?

A traditional table decoration are loaves of ‘Christopsomo’ (Christ’s Bread or Christmas bread). It’s a round sweet bread which is flavored with cinnamon, orange and cloves. The top is decorated with a cross. The bread is made on Christmas Eve ready to be eaten on Christmas Day.

What date is Christmas in Greece?

Christmas celebrations in Greece officially last for 14 days, starting on Christmas Eve and ending on Epiphany ( 6 January ) with the ‘Great Blessing of Water’. Following the Gregorian calendar, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on 25 December.

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Why do Greek Orthodox celebrate Christmas on December 25?

So the Orthodox Church rejected the Gregorian calendar and continued to rely on the Julian calendar. Known as the revised Julian calendar, it was adopted by several Orthodox churches after the council, including the churches of Greece, Cyprus, and Romania. Those churches now celebrate Christmas on December 25.

What do Greeks celebrate in December?

Christougena, which in Greek means Christmas, is celebrated on the 25th December and is a time when families come together to celebrate. Greece has it’s own version of Santa Claus, they call him Saint Vasilis, who comes to their home on Christmas eve to deliver a few small gifts to the children.

What food do they eat in Greece at Christmas?

9 Greek Christmas Food Traditions

  • 01 of 09. Baklava Recipe. The Spruce.
  • Egg-Lemon-Chicken-Rice Soup. The Spruce.
  • 03 of 09. Yiaprakia Stuffed Cabbage.
  • 04 of 09. Christopsomo Bread.
  • Pork Recipes. batuhan toker / Getty Images.
  • 06 of 09. Melomakarona Cookies.
  • 07 of 09. Kourabiethes Cookies.
  • 08 of 09. Karythopita Walnut Spice Cake.

What is the weather like in Greece at Christmas?

The weather of Greece in December 2021 is usually cloudy with normal chances of rain pouring in. The temperature fluctuates from a minimum of 9°C to a maximum of 14°C. However, whereas the average Greece temperature in December remains somewhere around 12°C.

Which countries celebrate Christmas on January 7?

Christmas Day is a public holiday on January 7 in countries such as Belarus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Russia, and Ukraine.

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Is Christmas a holiday in Greece?

According to Greek law every Sunday of the year is a public holiday. National Holidays.

Date 25 December
English Name Christmas Day
Greek Name (transliterated/transcribed) Christoúyenna
Greek Name Χριστούγεννα


Why is Greek Orthodox Christmas different?

Christmas falls on a different day in the Orthodox Church because they still observe the traditional Julian calendar, which has the original dates for Christian celebrations before the Gregorian calendar was introduced. This means that, technically, Orthodox churches still observe Christmas on December 25.

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