What To Wear Cruise Greece November?

What do you wear on a Mediterranean cruise in November?

1 pair of smart jeans. 1 pair of tailored shorts. 4 casual short-sleeved t-shirts. 3 smart long-sleeved shirts. Hubby wore:

  • Convertible walking trousers with a belt.
  • Long-sleeved rugby shirt.
  • Smart cotton sweater.
  • Light jacket.
  • Trainers.

What clothes to take on a Greek cruise?

Essentials of What to Wear in Greece

  • Sandals. Sandals are meant only for the beach in Europe, especially for men.
  • Sunglasses. Greece sees plenty of sunshine and a stylish pair of sunglasses is a great addition to an outfit.
  • T-Shirt or V Neck.
  • Relaxed Pants.
  • Simple Sneaker.
  • Beach Tote.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Travel Towel.

What clothes to take to Greece in November?

While travelling in Greece during November, keep the following points in mind: Wear jeans, shirts, t-shirts and full-sleeved shirts. Since weather drops at night, it’s advised to carry warm cardigans, light jackets, etc.

How should I dress for a trip to Greece?

Don’t forget your sunscreen lotion and sunglasses! When planning what to wear in Greece in summer, pack tank tops, vests, shorts, mini-skirts, and light dresses; these can all be in bright, colorful shades to reflect the season. Opt for thin, light materials like cotton and linen for extra breathability and coolness.

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Is November a bad time to cruise?

There is no bad time to cruise. Whether you want to have a summer vacation or a winter getaway, the weather somewhere in the Caribbean is always warm and welcoming.

Are the seas rough in the Mediterranean?

Rough Waters: Cruise travelers might experience rough seas in several places in Europe. The biggest offender is the Mediterranean, which tends to be roughest in the fall and winter, due to winds and storms. However, avid cruisers have experienced rough seas in the spring and summer, so be prepared for anything.

How much money should I bring to Greece?

How much money will you need for your trip to Greece? You should plan to spend around €110 ($134) per day on your vacation in Greece, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, €28 ($34) on meals for one day and €22 ($27) on local transportation.

Is Greece safe for tourists 2020?

The bottom line: There are risks in traveling to Greece, including some unique to the country, but as of April 2020, the U.S. Department of State does not discourage American travelers from visiting the country and urges travelers to exercise normal precautions.

How do I not look like a tourist in Greece?

Visiting Athens for the first time? These 12 helpful Athens travel tips will help you NOT look like a tourist

  1. Don’t visit in August.
  2. Do drink coffee several times a day.
  3. Don’t wear the “ancient Greece ” themed clothes sold in souvenir shops.
  4. Don’t talk about how you visited “the Greek islands”
  5. Do wear black – all year.
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What should I avoid in Greece?

10 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Greece, Ever

  • Show too much skin when visiting a church.
  • Rely only on credit cards.
  • Take a passive-aggressive attitude with smokers.
  • Take photos of military installations.
  • Throw paper in the toilet.
  • Eat or drink in the metro in Athens.
  • Do the moutza.
  • Touch artifacts in museums and at archaeological sites.

Is it cold in Greece in November?

No, it’s not yet too cold for Greece. Expect a mix of mild to warm sunny days and plenty of rain mixed in. The weather may be less than ideal, but crowds are gone, prices are low, and you can experience the best of Greece like a local.

How hot is Santorini in November?

Santorini’s average temperature in November is 17°C. At the warmest part of the day there are highs of around 18°C and lows of 14°C at night.

What should I buy in Greece?

Things You Can Only Buy in Greece

  • Greek olive soap with mastiha. The mastiha tree or lentisk is native of the Mediterranean basin but only in the island of Chios has the resin been cultivated for production.
  • Kumquat Liqueur.
  • Greek Honey.
  • Olivewood items.
  • Traditional musical instruments.
  • Teas and dried herbs.
  • Spoon sweets.
  • Leather goods.

How should I pack for Greece?

Greece packing list

  1. 7 x underwear.
  2. 5-7 x socks – you’ll probably spend most of your time in sandals, but there are lots of great places you might want running shoes for.
  3. 2 x loose, lightweight trousers – one full length and one cropped pair would be ideal!
  4. 2 x shorts.
  5. 1 x skirt or dress.
  6. 2 x long, loose shirts.
  7. 4-5 x t-shirts or tops.
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What is the national dress of Greece?

In the modern period, the national attire of Greece became more casual but with a lot of features of Ottoman clothing. Today loose-fitting white cotton or silk shirts are worn, together with embroidered vests and jackets. Women use long chemises and skirts, men still wear vraka and foustanella.

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