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Stefanos is qualified by British and Greek water-ski federation.
He spent six winters in GB skiing in different ski schools
Thorpe ski
Princes club
TV ski
And other ski schools all over England,


The boat we use is Ski Nautique, by correct craft,new engine mercruiser 5.7 ltr
Beginners welcome
We guarantee you to learn how to water-ski on your first lesson!!!

All you need to do is to consecrate on what stefanos says to you.
First attempt is on the boom.
The boom is a solid bar extending on the side of the boat. And forgives some mistakes that everyone does .Like pulling their arms.
Also stefanos is closed to you and corrects any mistake you might do.
After you get up and realize the position you must have, you try the rope
So don't miss it ! Learn how to water ski, you will love it

Experts welcome
Stefano's best is 16m @ 58 km, He teaches water ski more than 15 years
Water ski is a way of living, and we try to pass this filing to you.
If you are looking for skiing holidays,
With a professional driver and instructor, Stefanos Ski School is your place.


So dont miss it !!!!!!!!!


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